About us

A designer knows he has achieved perfection when it has left nothing more to add, but there is also nothing that can be removed."

Inspired by these very words of a great thinker, the Novel seeks to provide premier design and ensure the ranges of manufacturing excellence. Since 1999, Novel evolves and progresses continually through new collaborations with designers who represent the ideal modern design.
So today we can be proud of our network of customers and partners who identify the Novel with the high quality that characterizes the advanced, high-end of our product lines for the modern bathroom and kitchen.

Who We Are?
OPITRUELY offers  exceptional bathroom creations,  representing a fusion between innovative solutions and aesthetic vision, We are proud to present you with a wide range of residential and commercial bathroom products. Our commitment to form, technology and precision defines our brand ; we love what we do, and we deeply value our innovation ability within the bathroom industry.

Our Inspiration
We believe that it is the pursuit of perfect form that we uncover the undercurrent of magic inherent tobrilliant artistic expression. However, emphasis on design and function absolutely cannot stand short of  quality.  Simply stated - we pursue perfection and beauty white maintaining functionality and precision.

By its very nature, Opitruely represents innovation. However, at Opitruely, we set the bar much higher. it is of paramount  importance to us to deliver procucts that truly amaze, and Our R & D design, manufacturing, quality control, supply chain control and customer service capabilities are a testament to this. Learn more about how we are defining new  standard  for the lighting industry at our website: mosmile.net

Company Profile
OPITRUELY is a company specializing in bathroom (Bathroom cabinet,bathtub,mirror,etc.). The company was established in 2018 and headquartered in Zhejiang Province, China.

All products are designed in Europe, manufactured and assembled in China. Can provide professional customization and specification services!

You can find Opitruely products in many hotels,  condominiums, ,restaurants and luxury homes across China and Europe.

We follow the "service first" principle, in the design and development, production and manufacturing, Supply control, customer service system and so on to do a lot of work.  We have a professional design and development team, advanced production and manufacturing system, perfect quality control system and customer service platform. 

We have done a lot to raise quality levels and striven to establish a sound quality management and guarantee system. Furthermore, our company has attained ISO 9001 quality system certification . Most of our products passed CE, CUPC, UL, ETL, CE, RoHS, SAA etc. certification.

Brand Slogan
Innovator of bathroom!

Brand Mission
The  OPITRUELY seeks to provide premier design and ensure the ranges of manufacturing excellence.

Brand Goals
A perfect innovation, from A to Z, from B to B

Nobody becomes a leader without clear goals. Our objectives are crystal clear: provide our B2B customers with one-stop bathroom solutions that can cover all their needs, making sure they can draw fully on the widest and most comprehensive range of products on the market, without further need to look elsewhere.

Brand Values
Non-stop improvement is the vey nature of OPITRUELY: we are always looking for innovative design and solutions to guarantee our customers maximum results with minimum effort, always ahead of our competitors.

We know how much time, money and frustration is wasted when dealing with a supplier offering a limited range of products. Look no further, we can cover 90% of what are old and new clients are looking for.

We design all our products to ensure maximum usability and compatibility so that anyone can use them totally hassle-free:
designer, young upfitter, non-technicians in need of a reliable go-to bathroom solution.























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